The Weaver May 2024

The Weaver May 2024

This month's Weaver is packed with wonderful information and messages from your Leader and SGP Executive. Stay up to date. Be informed. Watch our website for updates as we post information on our election readiness for the 2024 Provincial Election, candidate announcements, Platform information, and volunteer opportunities.


A Hard Goodbye - Dave Abbey 


Dave Elliott

It’s with incredible sorrow that I’m writing to let you know about the passing of another legendary Saskatchewan Green. Dave Abbey passed away suddenly of aspiration pneumonia yesterday (May 24, 2024).

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The Weaver - Leaders Message

SGP Leader Naomi Hunter

Dear Green Friends,

If ever there was a time for Saskatchewan to hear the message “Doing Politics Differently“, it’s now. Voters need the refreshing, honest approach of Saskatchewan Green policies and candidates to restore their faith in democracy. It has never been more evident that the SaskParty has reached a level of corruption that they aren’t even bothering to hide anymore. This week in the Saskatchewan legislature, the SaskParty Speaker of the House Randy Weekes revealed that he has been the victim of intimidation and threats from his own party since becoming Speaker.

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SGP Announcements

AGM Announcement

Hello! My name is Whitney Greenleaf and I am your candidate for Saskatoon Nutana.

I would like to invite you to join me at this year's AGM on June 1st, 2024 @ 10 AM. Located at Confederation Inn (3330 Fairlight Drive).

Please register here:

We are having another discussion of the resolutions on Zoom on May 27th @ 630PM.

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Also, don’t forget to update your $5 membership on our website so that you can participate in democracy:

I look forward to meeting you and hearing your thoughts and opinions on our policy resolutions online and in person.

Yours in service, Whitney.


Candidate Announcements

Numerous candidates are in the vetting process as this month’s Weaver goes out. Please check in at our website during the month, to see new candidate announcements as they go up before you see them in the Weaver. That link takes you to those announced last month, please reach out and connect to these candidates, and offer help as you are able. 


SGP Candidate Jim Elliott for Regina Elphinstone


Petitions - Take Action and Please Sign


You can make a difference.

Together we can create real change in this province. As people across the province mobilize and add their voices to petitions for change, we build strength and resilience together. Add your voice today.

SK must act now to remove asbestos in our drinking water

SK needs a Wetlands Policy

SK needs renewable energy - not nuclear waste.

SK demands a new approach to healthcare

End Homelessness in Saskatchewan

Ending Poverty in Saskatchewan


Call for Volunteers


Join your local volunteer team 


Your support is vital to help elect Saskatchewan Green MLAs and continue to build Green momentum in all ridings across our Province.


Fostering communities of dedicated change-makers, who enjoy working collaboratively in line with the Values of the Saskatchewan Green Party is essential to our mission. We need people like you, who demonstrate service, leadership, and a commitment to a more sustainable, healthy, and caring Saskatchewan.

Does this sound like you?

Please join us in this exciting opportunity to work with The Saskatchewan Green Party as we work towards building a stronger voice in government, and stronger advocacy for Green Values. Thank you for your support in helping grow the SK Green movement!

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The Weaver Newsletter Links and Contributions

Speaker Cuts Card and Ties with Sask Party

Saskatchewan Speaker Randy Weekes has severed ties with the Sask Party, citing bullying and intimidation from party members, particularly Government House Leader Jeremy Harrison, who allegedly brought a hunting rifle to the legislature. Weekes accused Harrison of sending harassing texts and making threatening gestures. Premier Scott Moe dismissed the allegations as "sore loser" claims. Read more…


Contentious Sessions Put Speaker's Duties on Full Display

A month ago, before Speaker Randy Weekes cut ties with the Sask Party, there were many examples of unparliamentary behaviour by MLAs. Read more…


Mature Politics with Proportional Representation

Nancy Carswell

Decades ago, one of my children visited Saskatchewan's Legislative Assembly. Expecting to learn about governance and democracy, they were instead appalled by chaos and incivility. Elected officials, who were supposed to represent us with dignity, behaved like squabbling children. Proportional representation offers mature politics. Read more…


The Weaver Newsletter

We hope you feel inspired to share your thoughts and knowledge with our readers. We are ready to dig deep with you and to share your contributions with our Green members and supporters. We will work with you as much as you’d like through discussion or with editing help on any submission.  We treasure the efforts of any and all who share our respect for the Green Values and offer us their thoughts on relevant topics. We will let you know asap when your submission has been accepted.

The Weaver Team

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The Weaver Newsletter disclaimer

The Weaver articles express the viewpoints of the authors. They may not always align with the policies of the Saskatchewan Green Party.



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