Jupiter Neault for Saskatoon Westview

Jupiter Neault for Saskatoon Westview


The Saskatchewan Green Party is pleased to announce that Jupiter Neault is our MLA candidate for Saskatoon Westview.  Jupiter has also just been voted onto the Saskatchewan Green Party executive for a second term as Northern Saskatchewan Youth Rep. 

At 23 years of age, Jupiter is ready to stand up and make a difference in the world. Jupiter wants to lead the way in creating the changes their children and they themself want to see in our province going forward. From a very young age, Jupiter has been motivated to action by current events. The main causes that Jupiter champions are the promotion and guarantee of the inherent rights of Indigenous People and the defence of  Gender/Sexuality Rights. They are prepared to work hard to spread the education, dialogue and legal development to make these goals a reality.

Jupiter recently went to school and achieved certification in Digital Marketing Management. They are the sort of person who is always ready to lend a hand and hopes to be a voice for the younger generation.

“As I got older, discrimination was against me as a native person in Canada”, states Jupiter Neault. “I knew I wanted to end this and also make the planet someplace where we wouldn’t have to worry about whether it will even be around for the next generation. Plus a place with more cooperation instead of discrimination. I chose the  Saskatchewan Green Party because they show respect for Indigenous People and those of all backgrounds, plus a love of the planet itself.“

If you have issues that concern you, reach out; Jupiter would love to connect and discuss your concerns. Please email  [email protected] to contact Jupiter or volunteer with their campaign.

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