SK demands a new approach to healthcare

Saskatchewan Healthcare crisis

Our Healthcare System in Saskatchewan is in freefall. It has reached an absolute crisis point because the SaskParty is allowing it to crumble, on purpose, to pave the way for more private healthcare. They have always favoured moving anything they can currently in the public system over to privately run options.

Our Emergency Rooms in Saskatoon have been forced to introduce emergency shutdowns. Province-wide, Saskatchewan ERs are collapsing. The safety of care is severely compromised. The expectation that people will have a family doctor is a pipe dream for many. We keep losing doctors and nurses; our province must step up and implement effective methods of retaining these professionals. Wait times for appointments and surgeries keep getting longer.

Sask Healthcarein Freefall

The entire planet just went through a global pandemic. We saw that Saskatchewan is nowhere near ready in terms of emergency medical preparedness.


Saskatchewan must:

  • Properly fund rural hospitals and healthcare;
  • Stop centralizing Healthcare to cities;
  • Build a system that actually supports our large rural population and helps rural people stay in their home communities when experiencing medical issues and/or old age. Right now we aren’t even close to that.
  • Saskatchewan could make a deal with the federal government for more healthcare funding, as Manitoba has recently done. The reason the SaskParty isn’t doing that is the federal government wants guarantees that the funds will be used as intended, for healthcare. The needs of our residents must be put ahead of the political ego. On health funding, we are once more getting gaslit by our premier.
  • Rebuilding and properly funding our healthcare system is one of the top issues affecting everyone in our province right now. We need to build a system that supports people before they're in crisis or seriously ill. We need sustainable Healthcare planning now.

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