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Donations of $25 or more are eligible for a tax credit*.

You Contribute Your Eligible Tax Credit
$25 $19
$50 $38
$100 $75
$500 $350
$1,275 $650 (max)

*A Saskatchewan political contribution tax credit can reduce a tax liability to zero but will not produce a refund.

Why is your full contact information required? Elections Saskatchewan (ESK) tax credit receipts are paper only. We need your address so we can mail them and comply with ESK disclosure laws. If your receipt is returned by Canada Post, your phone number and/or email address will allow us to contact you and try again. 

Other Donation Options

We welcome eTransfers to [email protected]. This email is set to autodeposit for your convenience as no security question or answer is needed. To setup preauthorized debit (PAD), email [email protected] with the subject line PAD. Cheques can be mailed to Nancy Carswell, RR1 Site 9 Comp 23, Shellbrook SK S0J2E0.

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