End Homelessness in Saskatchewan

Housing is a Human Right

Housing is a Human Right -every SK resident needs a safe, healthy and secure place to call home.

In recent decades, housing has become a privilege for those who can scrape together enough money to afford rent or a downpayment. And at the same time, others make huge profits from the crisis. We in Saskatchewan know the facts and don’t simply take the Moe government at its word. They are prone to play fast and loose with the most vulnerable of our citizens. 

The Moe government's hard-hearted disregard for people experiencing unstable housing is cruel at any time. Let the Justice Minister and his colleagues know that safe, affordable housing where people can live with dignity, is a human right and the province's duty to ensure.

People deserve shelter

We in the Saskatchewan Green Party know that undermining basic human rights to housing and consequently increasing poverty and homelessness, as well as subjecting renters to oversight by hearsay, is all deeply wrong. We stand in opposition. Will you join us?

Saskatchewan Greens are working on solutions for housing where people can thrive. By pulling together the voices of the thousands of affected Saskatchewan residents, we will push this government into action. Will you stand with us?

We the undersigned demand that Saskatchewan develop a Housing First Strategy and End Homelessness in our province. 

Legislate housing as a legally protected human right.


The Saskatchewan Green Party demands the enactment of Housing First legislation to end homelessness in Saskatchewan forever. This initiative would include legislation mandates for new, affordable housing to be eco-friendly and clean energy-powered. This initiative would and should begin in First Nations communities where there has been a substandard housing crisis for decades and be designed, managed and staffed by First Nations.

We need Legislated Rent Controls to protect against rents being hiked to reflect the needed new SGP proposed Guaranteed Liveable Income level. This money should actually help people, not just act as another trickle-up scheme.

We need poverty reduction strategies in Saskatchewan like adequate the before mentioned tenant protections and the restoration of rent controls (which ended in 1992 under Pat Atkinson of the NDP’s ministry), and specific promises about the expansion of public housing.

Everyone deserves affordable housing, safe housing and sustainable communities. Sign now to add your voice to this demand:

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Hilda Voth
Mike Bray
Kim Epp
Abigail Seidle
Curtis Anderson
Ruby Stickney
Naomi Hunter
Barry Dickie
Mike Hamm
GOAL: 500 signatures

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  • Hilda Voth
  • Mike Bray
  • Kim Epp
  • Abigail Seidle
  • Curtis Anderson
  • Ruby Stickney
  • Naomi Hunter
  • Barry Dickie
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  • Mike Hamm