2024 New and Renewed SGP Executive

Thanks to all the great Green members who attended our 2024 AGM!

Meet your new (*) and renewed executive:

Leader:                      Naomi Hunter

Deputy Leader:                Victor Lau

President:                     Barry Dickie

Vice-President:          Remi Rheault

Treasurer-COA:      Nancy Carswell

Secretary:         Whitney Greenleaf*

Organizing Chair:   Sean Muirhead*

Fundraising Chair:  Gene (Jazmine) Galbranson*       

Northern Youth Rep:  Jupiter Neault

Southern Youth Rep:  (open)

Member-at-Large:      Bo Chen*

Member-at-Large:  Jasmyn Marshall*

Member-at-Large:   Phoenix Neault


We also have renewed party documents with Policy, By-Laws, and Constitutions in one pdf. 

A big “Thank you!” to Saskatoon's Confederation Inn for serving us a tasty lunch and providing a free meeting room.

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