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We are a political party driven by the people and for the people. We remember our past and cherish the future. While fostering growth in new ideas, sectors and technologies, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment in every decision we make. We endeavor to create a better, healthier and long-term sustainable Saskatchewan for every citizen.

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    Lack of Vision in the Budget

    April 12, 2018

    This year's provincial budget can be summed up as lacklustre. Long-term planning continues to be the weakest feature of Saskparty-derived budgets.

    There are some improvements, but Vision is not in the Moe lexicon.

    The government congratulates itself on some movement away from natural resource revenue. Good, but where is the real, meaningful investment in renewable energy development? Where is the incentive for green business -- as green entrepreneurs languish in a system stacked against them? We will still be depending on natural resource revenue to the tune of $1 billion going forward, with rising debt. But if we were to take a green-focused approach to our economy, we could both save money and generate new sources of revenue and jobs.

    The government still targets people with lower incomes to balance their books. This includes phasing out a program to help low-income families and people with disabilities to pay their rent. Rather than ending poverty with a step- by -step strategy, a Housing First initiative and improved income - security programs, this short-sighted government adheres to the false, old nostrum "The poor we will always have with us." Here it fails to represent the heart and intelligence of Saskatchewan's people. But it also fails in dollars-and-cents terms. Poverty costs the province over $3 billion dollars yearly. This is yet another budget missing the chance to grow our province's economic future by raising up people's ability to engage in the economy.

    The scarce good points in the budget should not be ignored. For instance, HIV meds will be covered 100%; kids with autism will be eligible for $4000 in government funds each year, and $11.4 million is earmarked for mental health initiatives. These improvements will definitely help. However, they should have been part of an ongoing, comprehensive healthcare strategy geared to address healthcare's steadily rising costs.

    This is not the worst budget in the province's history, but it is far from the best. Because it is less harsh than the previous one, the government counts on our getting lulled into acceptance of the status quo. They want us to forget that we deserve better. The budget simply lacks any vision for long-term sustainable prosperity for Saskatchewan, and this will be the message of a small footnote it will occupy in history. We're still stuck in neutral, even as other provinces are making their moves to improve their future.


    Shawn Setyo
    Saskatchewan Green Party

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    Saskatchewan Falling Behind

    April 3, 2018

    Premier Moe's recent statement, that he is surprised at the federal government's move to impose a carbon tax on the province, should itself be a surprise to the people of Saskatchewan.

    Ottawa has given all provinces ample time to sign on to the Pan - Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change.The Federal Government has guaranteed each province the opportunity to create its own climate action plan, tailored to its own economy.

    Our premier is bumbling through two problems here. The first is, of course, his government's glaring lack of any serious action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But the second and most immediate is funding. He is blithely passing up considerable federal funding currently offered for infrastructure development as part of the Framework. Infrastructure means job creation and job creation means economic success.

    The Saskatchewan government needs to get its head out of the clouds and take a serious look at our situation. We are being left behind while the rest of the country moves forward to the future.

    Shawn Setyo
    Saskatchewan Green Party

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    Statement on New Federal Legal Framework for Indigenous People

    February 26, 2018

    In the aftermath of the Stanley trial decision, a very important conversation has re-entered the national spotlight and received new attention from political parties and politicians of all stripes. This conversation includes vocal criticism directed by political leaders against institutional injustice imposed onto Canada's indigenous peoples.

    The new legislation that the federal government is proposing is a sign of change and a significant step towards recognition of rights and reconciliation. There is a commitment here that government will take an active role in system change, i.e., in reversing the structured systematic marginalization of indigenous peoples.

    This issue is complicated and delicate. Canada has most often chosen inaction over finding the just path. Prime Minister Trudeau has not yet put forth specific measures besides starting a consultation process. We in the Saskatchewan Green Party would advise him to respect as the highest principle the fact that the indigenous communities are sovereign nations. New legislation must not erode the nation - to - nation relationship and therefore must include a strong indigenous perspective. That relationship is what will lead on to establishing indigenous self - governance and self-determination.

    Shawn Setyo
    Saskatchewan Green Party

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    Statement on the Official Opposition's Support for Kinder Morgan

    February 5, 2018

    The B.C. government's decision to block the Kinder Morgan pipeline is a necessary attempt to protect B.C.'s people, their waters, their ecosystems, their wildlife, and their fishing and tourism industries, protection from the harm of inevitable dilbit spills.

    The SK NDP's recent statement of support for the pipeline is a revolting disappointment to progressive-thinking Canadians and an affront to B.C.'s provincial rights. It is as if the acting (and outgoing) NDP leader has been made to wear the suit of corporate science denier in a bid to slow our chances of mitigating climate change. By aligning themselves with the Sask Party and the Alberta government, the SK NDP has allowed themselves to be seen for what they represent.

    The Saskatchewan Green Party's vision for our future does include the hard work of re-investment in clean energy and re-training for green jobs, but Saskatchewan's people have always risen to the challenge of hard work and working with change. We in the Saskatchewan Green Party know our province is capable of much more success than what the Sask Party and their NDP energy allies think, tied as they are to a dead-end-market industry that steadily diminishes our children's prospects for a healthy future. It's time to stop living in the past and build the future our province deserves.

    Shawn Setyo
    Saskatchewan Green Party

    Sask Legislature

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    Bring Democracy Back to the Education Act

    Changes were made in 2017 to the Education Act for the province which resulted in almost all processes for public input being repealed or weakened by our provincial government.  Now that a new premier has been chosen for our province we have the opportunity to send him a message on the need to reverse the changes made under his predecessor that took away many of the democratic rights that existed in the Education Act previously and putting more control in the hands of the Minister of Education.

    Under the changes that were made:

    • At the annual elector’s meeting the public lost the right to freely question trustees and directors in a public assembly

    • Teachers and school staff who have first-hand knowledge of the system and its problems are no longer able to stand for election as trustees unless they quit and wait two years

    • Sweeping powers were given to the Minister of Education to direct almost all aspects of education in local communities

    • The Minister of Education can now issue a written directive to local school boards “to take any action that the minister considers necessary.”

    • If there is any resistance to directives from the Minister of the Education the minister can now suspend the board and appoint a single person to take over the work of the elected trustees

    • All the provisions for public input into school and program closures has been removed from the Education Act

    • Guaranteed rights like public notice, public meetings, and limits on transportation distances are now regulations easily changed or discarded by the Minister of Education’s order

    Communities in Saskatchewan now find themselves under an education system that stifles democracy while increasing the powers of the Minister of Education.  Democracy in our province needs to be strengthened and not weakened, most especially when it comes to something as precious and valuable as the education of our children.

    Please join with us to call on our provincial government to reverse the changes that it made in 2017 to our Education Act and bring democracy back to the Education Act in Saskatchewan.

    Please download, sign and pledge your support to Bring Democracy Back to the Education Act.

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    A plan to fight climate change

    At the recent 2017 AGM, held on June 3, 2017, in Regina the below was unanimously passed by our party membership as our party policy for carbon pricing.  A plan to help Saskatchewan meet its climate change commitments while creating prosperity and growth for our province as well. 


    1          That the SGP adopt a policy of carbon pricing in Saskatchewan aimed at reducing the emission of  carbon dioxide.  This policy should be in the form of a modified fee and dividend rather than cap and trade, and should be imposed upstream, at a rate proportional to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted when the fuel is burnt.  Revenues from this fee must be consistent with the Green principle of social justice.

    2          That in its implementation a Saskatchewan Green Party government would use a hybrid system, in which the greater part of the revenues collected are paid out to citizens and permanent residents on low and medium income, and the other part used to develop renewable energy infrastructure as well as to enable business start-ups related to renewables, energy efficiency, the use of electric vehicles, and public transit.

    3          That special measures be developed to deal with specific sectors such as agriculture and heavy industry.

    4          That carbon pricing is viewed by the Party as only one in a package of mutually reinforcing measures with the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enabling a just transition to a net-zero GHG emissions economy.

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    Climate Action for Saskatchewan

    24 signatures

    Saskatchewan continues to have one of the worst records in Canada on tackling climate change.  This has negative impacts on the health of people in our province,  increases the incidents of extreme weather from droughts and floods, increases the occurrences of wildfires,  harms agriculture, threatens our water security and also puts the economic well being of our province at risk.

    There are many areas we should be concerned about:

    • Saskatchewan has a high dependency on coal for electricity generation with 30% of our total generating capacity currently coming from coal
    • Emissions have risen 8% since 2005 in Saskatchewan
    • Saskatchewan’s power grid remains the second most carbon intensive in Canada, at 780 grams CO2 per kWh
    • The Management and Reduction of Greenhouse Gases and Adaptation to Climate Change Act does not stipulate an emissions baseline year nor an emissions reduction target
    • Our premier opposes a carbon pricing plan for Saskatchewan despite it being an effective means to reduce emissions and bring economic benefits to the province
    • Saskatchewan has the second lowest use of renewables among the provinces in Canada
    • Our province has the highest per capita greenhouse gas emissions in Canada

    Our government has downplayed Saskatchewan's contribution to climate change in Canada, avoided hard targets on taking climate action and continues support for further fossil fuel development.  

    Even as the climate change crisis continues to escalate our government has avoided taking meaningful steps to tackle climate change.  This must change to preserve the future of our province, our nation and our planet.   Please join with us to call on our provincial government to take decisive action on climate change for Saskatchewan. 

    Please download, sign and pledge your support for Climate Action for Saskatchewan.

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    Saturday, June 16, 2018 at 11:00 AM
    Fix. Coffee in Regina, SK, Canada

    March for Pride in Regina

    Come march with us in the 2018 Queen City Pride Parade in Regina to celebrate together with our LGBTQ community in the diversity of Saskatchewan!  

    Wear something colourful and bring whistles and streamers if you're coming to join us.  It's a fun event for everyone to participate in! 

    Note: We'll be meeting together at Fix. Coffee, which is close to the starting point for the parade, at 11:00 am.  At 11:30 am we'll be leaving Fix. Coffee to take up our assigned position in the parade.

    Please arrive by 11:30 am at Fix. Coffee so you can be with us for check in with Queen City Parade organizers.   It's a requirement of the parade organizers that all participants check in ahead of time.  

    Remember to arrive in time so you don't miss out on being part of this great event!


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