The Weaver March 2024

The Weaver - SGP Newsletter March 2024

This month's Weaver is packed with wonderful information and messages from your Leader and SGP Executive. Stay up to date. Be informed. Watch our website for updates as we post information on our election readiness for the 2024 Provincial Election, candidate announcements, Platform information, and volunteer opportunities. 


SGP Leaders Message March 2024


SGP Leader Naomi Hunter at Sask Legislature

Dear Fellow Greens,

Canada’s wildfire season is off to an intense start and winter is barely over. More than 100 fires are burning across British Columbia. Several communities in northern Alberta are under evacuation alert already. Climate scientists have been warning us about this for decades, of course. Our weirdly warm winter produced hardly any snow, and left drought conditions right across the prairies to B.C.

So, right now, the conditions are already more conducive to generating wildfires than they were at this time last year, and the federal government has now officially warned us that this wildfire season could indeed be worse than in 2023. It is hard to look forward to another summer of toxic smoke and brutal, deathly heat. Despite all this, the SaskParty government released a budget that didn’t mention the “climate crisis” once.



SGP Announcements

Official Announcement

SGP Annual General Meeting
June 1st, 2024


Every year we have an opportunity to gather as a group. It is a wonderful time for visiting with old and new friends. This year is an election year, and it will be especially exciting. Many of our nominated candidates will be in attendance. Perhaps your candidate will be there, and you can discover how you can help with their campaign.

Every year we choose a different location for the AGM. This year's AGM will be happening in Saskatoon at the Confederation Inn. Make sure you set aside Saturday, June 1st, 2024 on your calendar and plan to attend.



Register for the 2024 AGM here.


Become a Candidate


Are you or someone you know a changemaker within your community who would make an excellent candidate for Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA)? As a constituency representative, an MLA advocates for the concerns and interests of the community he or she represents. The Saskatchewan Green Party supports green economics, progressive social planning, as well as responsible and accountable governance. Apply now!



Candidate Announcements


Numerous candidates are in the vetting process as this month’s Weaver goes out. Please check in at our website during the month, to see new candidate announcements as they go up before you see them in the Weaver. That link takes you to those announced last month, please reach out and connect to these candidates, and offer help as you are able. This month, we are pleased to welcome Kimberley Joanne Epp for Moose Jaw North to our 2024 candidate lineup.

SGP Candidate Darry Michelle for Saskatoon Centre


SGP Candidate Hamish Graham for Batoche


Petitions - Take Action and Please Sign


You can make a difference.

Together we can create real change in this province. As people across the province mobilize and add their voices to petitions for change, we build strength and resilience together. Add your voice today.

SK must act now to remove asbestos in our drinking water

SK needs a Wetlands Policy

SK needs renewable energy - not nuclear waste.

SK demands a new approach to healthcare

End Homelessness in Saskatchewan

Ending Poverty in Saskatchewan


Call for Volunteers


Join your local volunteer team 


Your support is vital to help elect Saskatchewan Green MLAs and continue to build Green momentum in all ridings across our Province.


Fostering communities of dedicated change-makers, who enjoy working collaboratively in line with the Values of the Saskatchewan Green Party is essential to our mission. We need people like you, who demonstrate service, leadership, and a commitment to a more sustainable, healthy, and caring Saskatchewan.

Does this sound like you?

Please join us in this exciting opportunity to work with The Saskatchewan Green Party as we work towards building a stronger voice in government, and stronger advocacy for Green Values. Thank you for your support in helping grow the SK Green movement!

Lend a Hand...


Earth Day Fundraising Campaign

Earth Day Fundraiser

Our Earth Day Fundraiser Campaign total from members was $2245. Our generous mystery donor decided to donate the full $5K maximum allowable contribution. So our Grand Total through this effort was $7, 245. Thank you so much to everyone who donated.




The Weaver Feature Articles


Honouring David Lorne Greenfield 1967 - 2024

David Greenfield

Our friend Dave Greenfield, former Saskatchewan Green Party and Green Party of Canada candidate, member of the executive of the SGP, and Saskatchewan representative on the Federal Council of the Green Party of Canada, died on Thursday, April 18, 2024, after a lengthy hospitalization. He will live on in our hearts as a man dedicated to the environment, social justice and peace. He pursued these passions through activism in political, civic, and religious groups, including the Council of Canadians, Canadian Friends Service Committee, Climate Justice Saskatoon and the Saskatoon Peace Coalition. He will be remembered as a defender of the rights and dignity of our disabled and disadvantaged brothers and sisters.




SGP Links and Contributions

SK Wildfire Prep Starting Early, But No New Firefighters Being Hired

Preparations for wildfire season are starting two weeks earlier than usual in Saskatchewan this year. However, Saskatchewan is bringing in the same number of seasonal firefighters as last year, unlike other western provinces like Alberta and B.C., which are adding more. Read more… 


SK Greenlights Deal with AB and MB to Manage Underground Water Reserves on Prairies

Saskatchewan's provincial government has greenlit expanding a key water deal to include cross-border groundwater reserves, aiming to ensure they are managed and shared sustainably amid growing threats posed by drought, pollution and climate change. The proposed changes to the Master Agreement on Apportionment between Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and the federal government would empower the Prairie Provinces Water Board to assess, monitor and — if needed — take action to manage transboundary aquifers. Read more… 


The Fight to Block a “Just Transition” for Oil and Gas Workers

Amidst shifting consumer demands and global commitments to reduce emissions, the industry and politicians resist change. Political discourse, framed around the concept of "unjust transition," pits fossil fuel workers as victims of climate policies, deflecting attention from industry practices that jeopardize their livelihoods. Read more… 


European Court Rules Human Rights Violated by Climate Inaction

Here in Canada, a number of court cases have been brought forward by youth regarding the lack of action on the climate crisis and how that could be devastating for their future, and the mental health stresses they are suffering because of that now. Perhaps it's time for a coalition of climate warrior senior citizens to bring forward a court case based on the threat to their health and safety due to Canada's heat waves, severe forest fires in summer and polar vortexes in winter like the European seniors in this article have done. Read more…


Rebates Higher Than Carbon Tax Cost for Most in Saskatchewan

Economist Brett Dolter writes: “Both the Parliamentary Budget Office and our study find that households with lower incomes are more likely to get more back than they pay. Then why are some groups saying carbon pricing costs us more than we get back in rebates? The answer to that question rests on the misuse of a report by the PBO. Read more… 



Invitation to contribute

We hope you feel inspired to share your thoughts and knowledge with our readers. We are ready to dig deep with you and to share your contributions with our Green members and supporters. I will work with you as much as you’d like through discussion and with editing help on any submission.  We treasure the efforts of any and all who share our respect for the Green Values and offer us their thoughts on relevant topics. We will let you know if your submission has been accepted.

Dave Walther, Copy Editor

[email protected]


SGP Disclaimer

The Weaver articles express the viewpoints of the authors. They may not always align with the policies of the Saskatchewan Green Party.



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