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This month's Weaver is packed with wonderful information and messages from your Leader and SGP Executive. Stay up to date. Be informed. Check-in with The Weaver and watch our website for updates as we post information on our election readiness for the 2024 Provincial Election, candidate announcements, Platform information, and volunteer opportunities.  


The Weaver Leaders Message


Naomi Hunter Leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party

Dear Fellow Greens,

Our Healthcare System in Saskatchewan is in freefall. It has reached an absolute crisis point because the SaskParty is allowing it to crumble, on purpose, to pave the way for more private healthcare. They have always favoured moving anything they can currently in the public system over to privately run options.

Our Emergency Rooms in Saskatoon have been forced to introduce emergency shutdowns. Province-wide, Saskatchewan ERs are collapsing. The safety of care is severely compromised.  The expectation that people will have a family doctor is a pipe dream for many.  We keep losing doctors and nurses; our province must step up and implement effective methods of retaining these professionals. Wait times for appointments and surgeries keep getting longer. It’s not too late to change these trends, but it will take a change in government! Read more…

Naomi Hunter,
Leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party



heading SGP Announcements


Curious about executive meetings or wish to present an idea? Members in good standing can request an invite to any executive meeting via [email protected]. Meetings are usually held on the second Sunday of the month at 7 pm via Zoom.


Election 2024
Candidate Announcements


Watch for 10 candidate announcements in next month’s Weaver! It’s time to get to know our MLA nominees. If you know someone you feel would make an excellent candidate please reach out to Naomi Hunter, [email protected] or by phone/text 306-561-8880.


Click on the photos to read the Candidates' Bios.


SGP Candidate Billy Patterson Isaiah Hunter for Lumsden-MorseSGP Candidate Remi RheaultSGP Candidate Victor LauSGP Candidate Sean MuirheadSGP Candidate Whitney GreenleafSGP Candidate Naomi HunterSGP Candidate Mohammad MansourSGP Candidate Valerie Brooks



Call for Volunteers


Volunteer workers at SGP

Join your local volunteer team


Your support is vital to help to elect Saskatchewan Green MLAs and continue to build Green momentum in all ridings across our Province.

Fostering communities of dedicated change-makers, who enjoy working collaboratively in line with the Values of the Saskatchewan Green Party is essential to our mission. We need people like you, who demonstrate service, leadership, and a commitment to a more sustainable, healthy, and caring Saskatchewan.

Does this sound like you?

Please join us in this exciting opportunity to work with The Saskatchewan Green Party as we work towards building a stronger voice in government, and stronger advocacy for Green Values. Thank you for your support in helping grow the SK Green movement!

AGM Announcement

Our AGM will be on June 2, 2024, in Saskatoon. Time and Place to be announced soon. Follow for more updates.


Saskatchewan Greens Launch Earth Day Fundraising Campaign

As a valued member of our SGP community, we are asking you to be a part of the launch of our 2024 Earth Day Fundraising Campaign on March 1st!  We aim to raise $2500 to support our initiatives for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future in the upcoming Provincial Election.

Here's the exciting part: a generous "Green Supporter" has pledged to match donations 2 to 1, up to $5000! Your $100 contribution will turn into $300 towards electing Green Leaders in the 2024 Election!

Every contribution, big or small, also gives you a 75% TAX CREDIT and helps SGP present our most active slate of candidates ever. Let’s make 2024 the year Saskatchewan Greens make it to the legislature.

Your early support will set the tone for a successful campaign.

Let's make a difference together!

DONATE  NOW at or you can etransfer your donation to [email protected].

Your commitment to a sustainable future makes a difference. We are grateful for your support, and we look forward to changing the face of Saskatchewan politics forever.



The Weaver- Feature Article

Naomi Hunter and other opposition party LeadersSaskatchewan Green Party Leader Naomi Hunter organized a press conference in Regina on Feb. 12. Also attending the event was Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan leader Rose Buscholl (left) and Saskatchewan Progress Party Chief Official Agent Michael Medby.

Following is the text of the press release that followed the press conference.


February 12, 2024

Saskatchewan Opposition Parties demand accountability and transparency related to Communities of Tomorrow (CT)

In a rare move, three Saskatchewan Opposition parties are calling on the Provincial Auditor to hold a performance review of Communities of Tomorrow (CT).

The Saskatchewan Green Party, the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Progress Party want the Auditor to investigate Communities of Tomorrow, which came into being in 2003. 

“$30 million for Communities of Tomorrow partnership and NRC Centre,” reads the headline of the 21-year-old provincial news release. The article goes on to explain, in vague terms, how the initial focus of the Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure Research (CSIR) will be “Municipal water management best practices.”

The Research Centre would go on to produce 10 studies on asbestos cement (AC) water pipes. Communities of Tomorrow is described as “A public-private partnership with the mission of making Saskatchewan a global leader in the field of innovative sustainable infrastructure.” It would eventually form a partnership with the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) in January 2013 before winding down just five months later.




Links and Contributions


Climate Change and Politics 

By Mike Bray

Green Party supporters are aware of the need for swift action on climate change. We face opponents that can deluge voters with misinformation- and too often it works. Their focus still uses the old methods- create Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt about climate change while adding the new misinformation that climate change solutions don’t work.


As Green Party supporters, we can help the cause at no expense by being aware of reliable information and bringing it into conversations in a non-confrontational manner.

Personal conversations, coffee row, letters to the editor, election debates- it all helps.

I recommend two excellent free subscription online newsletters-


Of note- their 2022 energy efficiency scorecard ranked Saskatchewan last among 11 provinces and territories.

We need government programs and legislation to increase energy efficiency in our province for all.

"No Miracles Needed", a book by Mark Jacobson, tells us we already have off-the-shelf tools for the needed energy transition -- which is happening faster than in fossil-captured Saskatchewan.

We must change that.

Later is too late.


They Had to Break the Law to Try to Save Humanity

So argued two BC activists in a Nanaimo courtroom. How their ‘necessity defence’ changes legal history and climate protest in Canada. Read more…


'Done being patient': Treaty 4 First Nations Suing Ottawa Over $5 Annuity Payments

“Chief Lynn Acoose says she's taking a step elders and past Indigenous leaders in her community have long been reluctant to take. The chief of Zagime Anishinabek, home to several First Nations in southeastern Saskatchewan, has filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against the federal government. The suit alleges Ottawa has not kept its end of the bargain over annuity payments after signing Treaty 4 nearly 150 years ago.” Read more…


Alberta’s (and Saskatchewan’s) Brutal Water Reckoning

Andrew Nikiforuk writes, “Alberta’s water emergency, which is also a fire emergency, was foretold by scores of water scientists. They predicted that prolonged water scarcity would hit southern Alberta hard for stubborn geographical reasons. No one sounded the alarm more persistently and urgently than the late David Schindler, one of the world’s great water ecologists.” Read more


We Need to Rethink How We Intend to Store Nuclear Power Waste 

Dale Dewar writes, “The real problem with the waste is that it is constantly changing and interacting. The nuclei of radioactive atoms can be likened to cauldrons that boil with energy, every once in a while boiling over…. A sane proposal is to store it as a “rolling stewardship,” in situ, where it can be monitored, repackaged as needed or extracted for research or for radionuclides. There would be permanent jobs for generations.” Read more…



A Plea for Global Peace

By Jessica Pfautsch


Canada has this wonderful opportunity

To show unity and empathy

For war-torn countries

We are a multicultural society

That is learning to stand up

For each other as one

My heart cries out for the nations at war

We Canadians

Must stand up for

Global Peace

If we want to legitimize

Our conscience values

Let us be the beacon of Hope

By showing our strength

All together as a

Peace-loving nation

Standing for peace globally


Invitation to Contribute


We hope you feel inspired to share your thoughts and knowledge with our readers. I will work with you as much as you’d like through discussion and with editing help on any submission.  We treasure the efforts of any and all who share our respect for the Green Values and offer us their thoughts on relevant topics.

Dave Walther, Copy Editor  [email protected]


DisclaimerThe Weaver articles express the viewpoints of the authors. They do not always align with the policies of the Saskatchewan Green Party.


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