Billy Patterson for Estevan

SGP Candidate Billy Patterson


The Saskatchewan Green Party is extremely excited to have Billy Patterson joining the ranks of Candidates who will run for the party in the next provincial election. SGP Leader Naomi Hunter is happy to have Patterson on board the team again for another election.

“Billy is an extremely talented young man who continues to show a lot of leadership in our party on an ongoing basis,” says Hunter. “Billy will make a great MLA for the good folks of the Estevan Riding."

He was the SGP Candidate in the Regina Qu’Appelle Valley constituency in the 2011 Provincial election and the Green Party of Canada candidate in Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre in the 2011 federal election. He also was the SGP candidate for Indian Head-Milestone in 2020. Billy was also Deputy Leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party in 2010 and 2011.

Billy Patterson is a tree planter and educator who is also a proud parent of two beautiful girls. Billy has worked in the renewable energy industry selling and setting up solar panels across the prairies. Billy was born in Estevan, Saskatchewan and has lived in many communities across Saskatchewan over the years.

Billy was motivated to stand for election after hearing the misleading and shortsighted plans to attempt to build nuclear reactors in our backyard. Billy is passionate about outdoor and environmental education and has spent many years volunteering at various non-profit organizations in the province and country.

Billy is also supportive of our teachers who are standing up for our children against further government interference and cutbacks. The Sask party needs to stop treating our children’s education as a corporation. Billy is thankful to God for being able to live in such a beautiful nature-filled province, and he hopes by voting green we can help keep it that way.

If you wish to contact or volunteer on Billy's campaign please email [email protected].