Mohammad Mansour Abusha'r Saskatoon SouthEast

SGP Candidate Mohammad Mansour Abusha'r


My journey began in the vibrant landscapes of Palestine, where the stories of my community and the complexities of our political environment instilled in me a deep passion for social justice and political engagement. Moving to Canada in 2010 marked a new chapter in my life, one filled with opportunities for growth and learning. This transition wasn’t just a change in geography; it was a profound expansion of my worldview and a deepening of my commitment to make a positive impact on society.

After completing my Master’s degree in Political Studies, I wasn’t just equipped with academic knowledge; I had gained a broader perspective on the power of policy to shape lives and communities. My education was more than a milestone; it was a catalyst that propelled me into political activism, driven by a desire to contribute to meaningful change.

Marriage and fatherhood have further deepened my understanding of the stakes involved in our fight for a sustainable future. Every day, I see in my children’s eyes the promise of tomorrow and the world we will leave behind for them. It’s this personal connection to the future that intensifies my commitment to education and healthcare. These aren’t just policy areas for me; they’re the foundation upon which we build a society that can nurture every individual’s potential.

As a Green Party candidate, my campaign is deeply personal. It’s rooted in my experiences of growing up in Palestine, my journey of building a new life in Canada, and the lessons I’ve learned as a parent. I’m driven by the belief that every policy decision we make should be guided by compassion, sustainability, and a deep sense of responsibility toward future generations.

My story is one of bridging worlds, of learning and unlearning, and of the continuous quest for justice. It’s a narrative that underscores my conviction that, through collective effort and empathetic governance, we can craft a world that honours the dignity of every living being and the planet we call home.

If you would like to volunteer on Mohammed's campaign, please reach out at [email protected]