Naomi Hunter and the Saskatchewan Green Party


We are nominating active candidates ready to represent you in the upcoming election this year. These diverse candidates are prepared and dedicated to being your voice in the legislature. As the only party other than the NDP and SaskParty to run a full slate for 4 elections in a row, we are looking forward to you getting to know our 2024 slate of candidates.

They are ready to be the future of our province.


Learn more about Naomi Hunter, Leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party


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Becoming a Member of the Saskatchewan Greens Party is easy! You can become a Member simply by making a donation of $5 or more. Your membership will be valid for one year from the date of your registration and will be extended by further donations during the year. Each membership helps our leader, Naomi Hunter when she’s in the news and able to say that our party keeps growing.
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Join us. Become a Volunteer

The Saskatchewan Green Party is fostering communities of dedicated changemakers, who enjoy working collaboratively with others and believe in the Values of the Saskatchewan Green Party.  Volunteers are essential to our mission. We need people like you, who demonstrate service, leadership, and a commitment to a more sustainable, healthy, and caring Saskatchewan.

Does this sound like you? You can volunteer here.


Donate to the Saskatchewan Green Party

Do you live in Saskatchewan and value the Six Green Principles of Justice, Respect for Diversity, Ecological Wisdom, Sustainability, Participatory Democracy and Non-Violence?

Donate to help SGP.


The Green Plan - Saskatchewan Green Party


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