Naomi Hunter, Saskatoon Riversdale

SGP Candidate Naomi Hunter


After years of volunteer and advocacy work in Regina, SK and raising her children there, Naomi Hunter has returned to Saskatoon, where her early values and life were shaped. Her summers running harvest with her father on the family farm have her seeing the need to keep rural values and connections throughout our province. Small-town values belong in the city, where we need to look out for our fellow human beings and make sure they are okay. As Leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party, members have recognized her hardworking farm ethics, dedication to climate action and honest, caring leadership.

 “My heart was drawn to open a business and put my volunteer hours into the community of Saskatoon Riversdale where I also live and will run in the next election," Naomi Hunter said. "Riversdale is a place where I have so many childhood memories and old and new friends have welcomed me back. It’s a community that I have spent a year walking in and talking to residents already, learning and listening to my neighbours' needs and concerns."

"This is a constituency that needs a passionate advocate dedicated to ending poverty and ensuring better support for those in need," she continues. "With the backdrop of the South Saskatchewan River, it’s a natural space that many residents tell me they share my wish to protect. As my children embark on the next chapter of their lives, it felt like the perfect time to return to Saskatoon where I was nurtured for much of my childhood."

"My years in politics have given me the experience to say that everywhere we currently have Greens elected across Canada is somewhere people once said that was impossible," Hunter explained.  "2024 will be the year Canadians across the country are saying the same thing when I achieve my seat representing Saskatoon Riversdale in the legislature as MLA. I am a creative thinker and ready to put that skill to work coming up with new possibilities to create the kind of communities we all dream of as possible.”

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