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Naomi Hunter, Leader Saskatchewan Green Party

Naomi Hunter is building a movement for change in Saskatchewan politics. She’s a decisive leader who will meet our problems head-on.


Will you join her on this journey?


“Together we can Do Politics Differently”


Naomi was born in Turtleford, SK in 1973, and raised in a family who believed in democracy, fairness and ecology.

As a single mother, Naomi ran several small businesses to support her children, while still making time for community advocacy work. It wasn’t easy balancing being a mother, business owner and steady volunteer, but she believed that this combination was an excellent example for her children, who have grown up to be candidates and leaders themselves.

She decided that creating mutual aid groups was the best way to support positive change in her community.

Naomi Hunter lLeader Saskatchewan Green Party 

“My experience in politics for decades was in front of the legislature, organizing protests to hold sitting politicians to account.”


In truth,  so much of Naomi’s activism led her to politics. She kept wanting to do more for her community and her province. This led to her stepping up as a political candidate. Then in 2020, she was elected Leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party. This was at a time when our province was experiencing a global pandemic, healthcare collapse, unprecedented wildfires, heat waves and a lack of affordable housing. These issues were devastating to Saskatchewan residents and still are.

What we need now is a premier who is honest about the dire situation we are in and ready to respond with caring and decisive action. It’s time to vote Naomi in and elect a premier with an unwavering commitment to improving the lives of Saskatchewan people.

Naomi Hunbter on Local Food 

“I want you to be brave. It’s time to do politics differently.”


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