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Child Poverty needs to end in Saskatchewan now

Wednesday November 26, 2014

Regina, Saskatchewan – A report released by Campaign 2000 and endorsed by Upstream reveals that child poverty is rising in Saskatchewan. Twenty five years after MPs voted unanimously to end child poverty in Canada by the year 2000, 25.5 percent of children in Saskatchewan or about 49,500 children in the province are living below the poverty line. This percentage is up from 25.1 percent in 1989. Upstream recently pointed out that child poverty is costing Saskatchewan an estimated $3.8-billion every year in lost economic opportunities and increased government services. Saskatchewan Green Party Leader Victor Lau says it is shameful that these children, who make up about 4.4 percent of Saskatchewan’s overall population, are being failed by all levels of government. “Children are our future,” says Lau. “If over a quarter of the children in Saskatchewan are living in poverty, what does that say about the future of our province?” Lau says these conditions need to be eliminated now, and that the most effective way to end poverty in Saskatchewan is through the launching of a universal Guaranteed Livable Income (GLI) for all Saskatchewan citizens. The GLI will be given to everyone regardless of income and no means testing will be required to quality for it. The Guaranteed Livable Income would replace social assistance and be phased in over four years to give every household an extra $1,000 per month in income.

For more information, please contact Victor Lau at (306)737-5345.

Provincial Office for Seniors Advocacy is needed

Monday November 24, 2014

Regina, Saskatchewan – The Saskatchewan Green Party believes a Provincial Office for Seniors Advocacy on their specific issues is needed. This office should have the power to advocate for seniors issues, so it should be government funded but also at ‘arms-length’ from the government. Saskatchewan Greens Leader Victor Lau says issues such as housing and long-term care for senior citizens are important enough to demand a separate advocacy office. “The highest care should be provided to our elderly citizens, and this should be a top priority of the Wall Government,” says Lau. “The need for seniors to live in dignity during their final years should never again become a political issue in this province.” Lau also points out that with ‘baby boomers’ making up 24% of the Saskatchewan population, and the fact that this age group is now entering retirement in large numbers, the urgency for a seniors advocacy office is very real. This is not ‘creating drama’ but rather proposing a doable solution, says Lau.

For more information, please contact Victor Lau at (306)737-5345.

Wednesday November 12, 2014