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We are a political party driven by the people and for the people. We remember our past and cherish the future. While fostering growth in new ideas, sectors and technologies, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment in every decision we make. We endeavor to create a better, healthier and long-term sustainable Saskatchewan for every citizen.

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    Shawn Setyo Statement on Government Policy to Reduce Carbon Emissions

    December 12, 2017


    Although the Saskatchewan Greens are pleased the government is finally addressing one of the most pressing issues of our time, we believe the policies set forth by their recent report would drastically fall short of real action.

    The main shortcoming of the government proposals is the complete refusal to acknowledge the carbon budget within which the global community must stay to avoid unmanageable climate change.

    In order to stay within that budget, all jurisdictions have a responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is a glaring sign of government negligence to evade setting firm emissions targets, and thus fail to plan a clear path to achieve them. Targets are absolutely essential in developing a pathway to a net zero-sum carbon society.

    A serious climate plan with Saskatchewan industry in mind would seek to optimize the massive employment potential and investment possibilities in renewable energy options. This is of vital social and economic importance in our era of a greening world economy. Yet the government's report fails to reference this potential.

    The Saskatchewan Green Party urges the government to think in terms of real climate targets to strive for, and to envision the real opportunities presented to our province by changing regional and world markets.

    Shawn Setyo
    Saskatchewan Green Party

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    Social Justice

    What are the Statement of Principles of the Saskatchewan Green Party?
    As part of getting to know our party we will be posting a new principle every month. Continuing in our series on this our second featured principle this month is Social Justice. What does social justice mean to you and for our province?

    If you want to have a more in-depth conversation about our principles come out to one of our upcoming community constituency meetings. Lets talk about what matters to you.

    For a full listing of our Statement of Principles please go to:

    Social Justice

    We assert that the key to social justice is the equitable distribution of social and natural resources, both locally and globally, to meet basic human needs unconditionally, and to ensure that all citizens have full opportunities for personal and social development.

    We declare that there is no social justice without environmental justice, and no environmental justice without social justice.

    This requires

    A just organization of the world and a stable world economy which will close the widening gap between rich and poor, both within and between countries; balance the flow of resources from South to North; and lift the burden of debt on poor countries which prevents their development.

    The eradication of poverty, as an ethical, social, economic, and ecological imperative
    the elimination of illiteracy.

    A new vision of citizenship built on equal rights for all individuals regardless of gender, race, age, religion, class, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, disability, wealth or health.


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    Congratulations to Hannah Bell PEI’s second Green MLA

    The Saskatchewan Green Party would like to congratulate Hannah Bell on her win in PEI and on becoming that province's second Green MLA.   The momentum for Green parties in Canada continues to grow.


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    Stop the Cuts to the Hearing Aid Plan for Infants

    Our government has made the move to close Saskatchewan's Hearing Aid Program services to infants with hearing loss, as a cost savings measure for the provincial deficit. Elimination of the program will result in the loss of 9 audiology positions that are responsible for the provision of services to vulnerable citizens—including services to infants identified through the infant hearing program in Saskatoon. This is a move by our government that lacks foresight and consideration of the health care needs of children in our province in the absence of a province-wide Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) program in Saskatchewan and increases the difficulty of accessing audiology services in our province.

    Important points to be aware of:

    • There will be longer wait times to see an audiologist 
    • Lack of such a program will lead to more difficulty in the detection of hearing loss at an early age, and more long term support costs. 
    • Hearing loss is one of the most common congenital conditions for infants
    • The absence of a provincial program for infants with hearing loss in Saskatchewan is a disservice to many of the youngest and most vulnerable citizens of the province
    • In light of the high educational and vocational support costs associated with unidentified hearing loss, early hearing programs lead to savings in other publicly funded areas.

    Budgetary constraints should never have resulted in the government taking such an extreme action that impacts a vital health service impacting the hearing services for children. All children in our province deserve a chance to hear and communicate and a chance to succeed. Please join with us to call on the government to stop its cutting of the provincial hearing aid program for infants in our province.

    Please download, sign and pledge your support to stop the cuts to the hearing aid plan for infants for Saskatchewan.

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    A plan to fight climate change

    At the recent 2017 AGM, held on June 3, 2017, in Regina the below was unanimously passed by our party membership as our party policy for carbon pricing.  A plan to help Saskatchewan meet its climate change commitments while creating prosperity and growth for our province as well. 


    1          That the SGP adopt a policy of carbon pricing in Saskatchewan aimed at reducing the emission of  carbon dioxide.  This policy should be in the form of a modified fee and dividend rather than cap and trade, and should be imposed upstream, at a rate proportional to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted when the fuel is burnt.  Revenues from this fee must be consistent with the Green principle of social justice.

    2          That in its implementation a Saskatchewan Green Party government would use a hybrid system, in which the greater part of the revenues collected are paid out to citizens and permanent residents on low and medium income, and the other part used to develop renewable energy infrastructure as well as to enable business start-ups related to renewables, energy efficiency, the use of electric vehicles, and public transit.

    3          That special measures be developed to deal with specific sectors such as agriculture and heavy industry.

    4          That carbon pricing is viewed by the Party as only one in a package of mutually reinforcing measures with the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enabling a just transition to a net-zero GHG emissions economy.

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    Climate Action for Saskatchewan

    18 signatures

    Saskatchewan continues to have one of the worst records in Canada on tackling climate change.  This has negative impacts on the health of people in our province,  increases the incidents of extreme weather from droughts and floods, increases the occurrences of wildfires,  harms agriculture, threatens our water security and also puts the economic well being of our province at risk.

    There are many areas we should be concerned about:

    • Saskatchewan has a high dependency on coal for electricity generation with 30% of our total generating capacity currently coming from coal
    • Emissions have risen 8% since 2005 in Saskatchewan
    • Saskatchewan’s power grid remains the second most carbon intensive in Canada, at 780 grams CO2 per kWh
    • The Management and Reduction of Greenhouse Gases and Adaptation to Climate Change Act does not stipulate an emissions baseline year nor an emissions reduction target
    • Our premier opposes a carbon pricing plan for Saskatchewan despite it being an effective means to reduce emissions and bring economic benefits to the province
    • Saskatchewan has the second lowest use of renewables among the provinces in Canada
    • Our province has the highest per capita greenhouse gas emissions in Canada

    Our premier has downplayed Saskatchewan's contribution to climate change in Canada, avoided hard targets on taking climate action and continues his support for further fossil fuel development.  Even as the climate change crisis continues to escalate our premier has avoided taking meaningful steps to tackle climate change.  This must change to preserve the future of our province, our nation and our planet.   Please join with us to call on our provincial government to take decisive action on climate change for Saskatchewan. 

    Please download, sign and pledge your support for Climate Action for Saskatchewan.

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