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How many years is SaskPower bound to Cenovus in Carbon Capture contract?

Monday November 30, 2015

Regina, Saskatchewan – The Saskatchewan Green Party wants to know how many years SaskPower is bound by contract to Cenovus in the $1.4-billion Carbon Capture project. Last year SaskPower had to pay Cenovus $12-million in penalties because the project was running below full capacity. Party Leader Victor Lau says if SaskPower must pay penalties for the project over many years, Carbon Capture will become an even more expensive failure. “Mounting penalties flowing from Carbon Capture problems could become a huge drain on the public treasury,” says Lau. “For example, if the Carbon Capture project continues to run below capacity over the next 20 years, SaskPower would have to pay $240-million in penalties to Cenovus.” Lau says Saskatchewan people must be told how many years the Carbon Capture deal with Cenovus is in effect, so that a future Saskatchewan Green Party government can decide what to do with the contract. Real Change for Saskatchewan means full disclosure about public projects, so boondoggles like Carbon Capture can be avoided.

For more information, please contact Victor Lau at (306)737-5345.

Saskatchewan should have power over Immigration, just like Quebec

Wednesday November 25, 2015

Regina, Saskatchewan – A Saskatchewan Green Party Government would negotiate Real Change with the federal government to gain control over Immigration issues, just like the province of Quebec. This move would give our province much more flexibility in shaping Immigration policies that are suited to the labour force needs of Saskatchewan businesses. Party Leader Victor Lau says Saskatchewan people are in a better position to shape their own Immigration policy than the federal government. “The retirement of 24 percent of the population born from 1946 to 1964 will soon result in a massive labour shortage crisis in Saskatchewan,” says Lau. “It will take a made-in Saskatchewan immigration policy to solve the coming crisis.” Lau says the Ministry of Immigration under a Saskatchewan Green Party government would include an advisory committee of people from around the province to help facilitate a participatory democracy process for getting feedback on appropriate immigration policies. Real Change begins in Saskatchewan with the people of this province gaining more control over the ability to attract diverse people to move to our province to live, work and play.

For more information, please contact Victor Lau at (306)737-5345.

Wall Government should Democratize Liquor Stores, not Privatize them

Sunday November 22, 2015

Regina, Saskatchewan – A Saskatchewan Green Party Government would democratize the province’s Liquor Stores, not Privatize them. The Saskatchewan Green Party wants to turn all Crown Corporations, including the Liquor Stores, into Crown Co-operatives. Party Leader Victor Lau says Privatizing Liquor Stores is not Real Change for the people of the province. “Once all of the Liquor Stores are privatized, the people of this province won’t get any say in how they are operated,” says Lau. “Privatizing the stores will only benefit those who can afford to buy the stores.” Lau says under the Crown Co-operative model, the provincial government still owns a ‘golden share’ in the agency to end concerns about the entity being privatized. But Crown Co-ops would be a democratic, co-operative operation where the member-owners would elect the Board of Directors and receive dividends, a public annual general meeting would be held to question the board and executives, and quarterly reports would be issued based on generally accepted accounting principles. Real Change is about giving the final say on how Crown Co-operatives should be run directly to the people of the province.

For more information, please contact Victor Lau at (306)737-5345.