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Wall Government must restore cuts to Forest firefighting budget now

Tuesday June 30, 2015

Regina, Saskatchewan – The Saskatchewan Green Party is urging the Wall Government to act in the spirit of Real Change and restore the current provincial budget’s cuts to the Forest Firefighting budget. While fire fighters in northern Saskatchewan are gallantly attacking an overwhelming situation of dry conditions and multiple forest fires, the budget for Forest Fire Operations for 2015-2016 was cut by 2.1% from $50,999,000.00 to $49,913,000.00. Party Leader Victor Lau can’t believe forest firefighters in Saskatchewan are being expected to make do with less this year. “Hundreds of people are being evacuated from northern Saskatchewan due to the forest fire situation, and the overall situation is very serious,” says Lau. “Our firefighters need to have adequate resources to protect northern people and their communities from harm.” It should be noted that while the overall Wildfire Management budget in the Ministry of the Environment increased for 2015-16 by 3.4% to $55,988,000.00, the increase is in the area of capital projects. There won’t be any Real Change for northern residents until forest firefighters have the budget cuts restored so that they have the resources they need.

For more information, please contact Victor Lau at (306)737-5345.

Sour gas and organic compound emissions from Regina Co-op Oil Refinery must end now

Tuesday June 30, 2015

Regina, Saskatchewan – A Saskatchewan Green Party Government would bring Real Change to Regina by moving immediately to curb organic compound and sour gas emissions at the Regina Co-op Oil Refinery. A recent report shows the Regina Refinery emits more of these two substances than any other refinery in Canada. Saskatchewan also doesn’t have any emission standards for organic compounds. Party Leader Victor Lau says the situation is absolutely unacceptable. “Sour gas is deadly for humans, and should not be emitted from the refinery at all,” says Lau. “The fact that the Regina Refinery has ten times more organic compound emissions than any other refinery in Canada is totally unacceptable and must end now.” In the meantime, Lau wants Environment Minister Herb Cox to do his job and lean on the Refinery to end these emissions and introduce emission standards. Real Change can’t happen when the lives of Regina residents are in danger from sour gas emissions from the refinery.

For more information, please contact Victor Lau at (306)737-5345.

SAID program should be expanded to include all Saskatchewan people

Monday June 29, 2015

Regina, Saskatchewan – A Saskatchewan Green Party Government would create Real Change in the province by expanding the Saskatchewan Assured Income for the Disabled program to become SAIE or Saskatchewan Assured Income for EVERYONE. This idea for Real Change is included in the party’s platform for the April 2016 provincial election. Party Leader Victor Lau says in the first term of government everyone will get a $500 per month supplement, including those already on SAID. “Our Green government would move in rapid steps to guarantee a minimum income for all people in Saskatchewan,” says Lau. “The first step is to provide an income supplement to those who are not part of SAID right now.” Lau says if people don’t have to worry about making ends meet anymore, they will become more productive and grow the Saskatchewan economy. Real Change is about investing in the people of Saskatchewan so that they can make our province the best place in which to live, work and start a business.

For more information, please contact Victor Lau at (306)737-5345.