Upcoming Events

Victor Lau for Regina Douglas Park campaign meeting

We meet every 2 two weeks, without fail, rain or shine.

Sunday September 7, 2014
604 - 2153 Lorne Street, Regina, Sk

All Regina Constituencies Fundraising Committee Meeting

We are planning a series of major fundraising events for all of the Regina and area constituencies for this fall. All constituencies that participate in the planning will share in the proceeds.

Monday September 8, 2014
Huston House basement boardroom, 2138 McIntyre Street, Regina, Sk

Meet Melville-Saltcoats Saskatchewan Green Party candidate!

Drinks with George Wooldridge, Saskatchewan Green Party candidate

Tuesday September 16, 2014
Waverly Hotel, Melville Sask

The Future is You!


Wednesday August 27, 2014

Regina, Saskatchewan – The Saskatchewan Green Party has successfully completed nominating all 61 candidates for the next provincial election. The first nomination meeting was held on January 11th for Saskatchewan Green Party Leader Victor Lau in Regina Douglas Park. The last nomination meeting was held yesterday in Regina Pasqua, where Michael Wright was acclaimed. Two of the nominations were contested, in Regina Lakeview and Regina Elphinstone-Centre. Lau says the Saskatchewan Greens are now on a solid footing for the next provincial election, whenever it is held. “In the last election in 2011, we had to scramble to pull together a full slate of candidates. Now 3 years later, we have used the organization we’ve built since 2011 to help put together a fantastic team of candidates for every voter in the province. In addition, we managed to nominate 30 female candidates, no other provincial party is even close to that.” The next provincial election is expected in November 2015 or April 2016. A full list of all of the candidates is included after this release.

For more information, please contact Victor Lau at (306)737-5345.

Michael Wright runs again for Saskatchewan Greens in new Regina Pasqua constituency

Wednesday August 27, 2014

Regina, Saskatchewan – Michael Wright was acclaimed at a meeting on Wednesday to represent the new Regina Pasqua constituency in the next provincial election. Wright was the Saskatchewan Greens candidate in Regina Lakeview in 2011 and was the party’s candidate with the second best overall outcome, both in ballots received and percentage of the vote. The new Regina Pasqua constituency overlaps with much of the old Regina Lakeview constituency that Wright contested in 2011. Saskatchewan Greens Leader Victor Lau is extremely excited to have Wright back for a second run at a seat in the Legislature. “The team of candidates wouldn’t be complete without having Mike Wright on board. I’m humbled that he is working with us for another election campaign.” Wright’s nomination meeting now gives the Saskatchewan Greens a full slate of 61 out of 61 nominated candidates for the 2016 election.

For more information, please contact Victor Lau at (306)737-5345.

Saskatoon University and Rosthern-Shellbrook get Saskatchewan Green candidates

Wednesday August 27, 2014

Regina, Saskatchewan – The Saskatchewan Green Party is almost finished nominating candidates for the upcoming provincial election. Today the party acclaimed Jade Duckett of Regina, a film producer, to run in the Rosthern-Shellbrook constituency, and Marc Taillon, a paramedic, was acclaimed to represent the party in the Saskatoon University constituency. Saskatchewan Greens Leader Victor Lau says he looks forward to campaigning with the full team of candidates when we go to the polls in 2016. “Our party is fortunate to have such a diverse team of candidates running across the province,” says Lau. “Hopefully many of the team members will be chosen by the people of Saskatchewan to become their MLAs.” Today’s nominations bring the total number of SaskGreen candidates to 60 out of 61 candidates.

For more information, please contact Victor Lau at (306)737-5345.