Kimberly Epp for Moose Jaw North


Kimberly Epp SGP Candidate for Moose Jaw North

Kimberly Epp seeks to bring her lifelong experience as a conservationist and educator to the Legislature as Moose Jaw North's MLA. A talent like hers is vitally needed in government to advocate for the natural world on which our human lives are so dependent.

Kimberly was raised on a grain farm near Rosthern. Working for a Swiss family she met on her summer job at Lake Louise for two years, and for a Barvarian family 4 years later.  Young Kimberly was able to travel and hike extensively in Europe, sealing her inspiration to protect and share nature as a career. 

Her early education included assisting in onsite research on snow geese and Arctic foxes in Nunavut. Summer work included a job with Alberta Park Service while awaiting entry into Saskatchewan's conservation officer program. After a few years at Beaver Creek, she became involved with Nature Saskatchewan and the Burrowing Owl Educational Centre. 

To mention her many roles and projects, accomplished despite a long struggle with Lyme disease, is beyond our current scope; suffice it to say she has written hundreds of columns in publications such as Nature Saskatchewan's Blue Jay magazine, often emphasizing wildlife rehabilitation; and with Moose Jaw Nature Society, she administers programs through the MJNS, and these often include programs for the whole family. 

Continuing to be treasured as a mainstay of Nature Moose Jaw, Kimberly now adds to it a new program, "Wild About Moose Jaw", promoting the planting of pollinator gardens. The first seed exchange will take place following a presentation by both Nature Regina and Nature Moose Jaw at the MJ Library on April 27 for Earth Week. 

If you would like to volunteer with Kimberly's campaign, please reach out at [email protected].