SK needs renewable energy not nuclear waste.

Saskatchewan nuclear waster

Petition to oppose Small Nuclear Reactors in Saskatchewan


Saskatchewan can meet its energy needs by increasing renewable and sustainable energy technologies and strategies such as solar, conservation, wind, geothermal, run-of-the-river hydro systems, and hydroelectric importation from Manitoba, among other sustainable energy options. Investing in these would create more jobs while producing energy sooner and at a far lower cost.

Nuclear power is not competitive. Its capital costs are exorbitantly expensive. Most types of nuclear power plants have cost two to four times more than their initial estimates. 

Fred Peterson opposing Nuclear power in Saskatchewan

SMR’s are NOT small. Internet images show a single reactor on a truck's flatbed trailer. Those images do not depict how large an actual SMR power facility will be. With containment building, shielding, exclusion zone, turbine, steam generator, etc., it will be as large as any other kind of comparable thermal power plant. For example, the 300 MWe GE-Hitachi SMR proposed for Saskatchewan would be at least as large as the Queen Elizabeth Power Plant in Saskatoon.

Human Health impacts near nuclear power plants are well documented. Nuclear reactors routinely, not only accidentally, discharge carcinogenic radioactive emissions into the air and water. And nuclear reactors sometimes have accidents which widely contaminate the air, land and water

Plus, the waste from nuclear reactors is not like normal household garbage-type waste. It is radioactive and highly toxic. It would be a long-term financial, security, and environmental burden on current and future generations to manage this waste for thousands of years.

Sign here to add your voice of opposition to SMRs in Saskatchewan.

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maureen mckenzie
Florence Stratton
D'Arcy Hande
Elaine Hughes
Renee Nunan-Rappard
Agnes Davis
Karen Weingeist
Billy Patterson
Naomi Hunter
Barry Dickie
GOAL: 500 signatures

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  • maureen mckenzie
  • Florence Stratton
  • D'Arcy Hande
  • Elaine Hughes
    This is a great ACTION . . . . ! We don’t need, nor do we want, this FOREVER dirty and dangerous distraction in our province! Thanks!
  • Renee Nunan-Rappard
  • Agnes Davis
    We still cannot deal with the waste from Chalk River.
  • Karen Weingeist
  • Billy Patterson
    Think of the water… nuclear power and the resulting waste is poisoning our grandchildren. You need to speak out for them now.
  • Naomi Hunter
  • Barry Dickie
  • Mike Hamm