Saskatchewan Green Party Protests 5x Increase in Candidate Nomination Fees

Saskatchewan Green Party Leader Naomi Hunter sent this letter-to-the-editor to newspapers across Saskatchewan:

Dear Editor,

Are you aware that provincial election candidate nomination fees have increased fivefold from $100 to $500? Democracy shouldn't be dependent on wealth yet this increase eliminates candidates. This is a blow to democracy. Election fees should have been decreased to ensure more people get involved in the electoral process. Increasing to $500 is prohibitive. For some, it is the equivalent of a month's rent.


The best discussions of issues involve many voices. The Saskatchewan Green Party believes that more voices need to be heard in the electoral process. By increasing the fees, Elections Saskatchewan and sitting MLAs created the potential to stifle low-income voices. This will probably cause voter disillusionment leading to lower voter turnout. Voters deserve to mark their X for a choice on the ballot that reflects their voice.

The federal election nomination fee used to be $1,000. This issue was taken to court and ultimately Elections Canada did away completely with the nomination deposit. This set a precedent. If the nomination deposit was a hindrance to the federal election democratic process, why is it not also the same problem provincially?

If this concerns you, write to Elections Saskatchewan and/or your MLA to let them know. Elections Saskatchewan's information is available at and your MLA information is available at

Naomi Hunter,
Leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party
[email protected]

A similar letter was sent to Saskatchewan’s Chief Electoral Officer Michael D. Boda. His encouraging reply was “I would like to acknowledge the concerns that you have expressed. I am currently reviewing the change you mention and would like to engage with you further on this ahead.”

Read more at 'This impacts democracy': Sask. election candidate fee increases to $500, Green Party leader stands against hike | CTV News

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