Scott Moe’s Wasteful Diefenbaker Dam Expansion Project.

Lake Diefenmaker Water levels

Scott Moe’s Diefenbaker Dam Expansion Project is a waste of our money and threatens our precious fresh water supply. The water for this southern Saskatchewan Irrigation Project is to come from an area that is already suffering a several-year drought. Why are working people facing a tax increase of billions of dollars that will only transfer huge wealth to a few very large-scale farmers?

Phil Tank: Sask. plans irrigation from depleted Diefenbaker watershed

Phil Tank: Sask. plans irrigation from depleted Diefenbaker watershed

Why are levels at Lake Diefenbaker lower than normal in the last few years?

Lake Diefenbaker levels are low due to the hot and dry weather conditions over southern Alberta during spring and early summer. According to the Canadian Drought Monitor, the South Saskatchewan River sits at its second lowest level in the past 23 years.

The historical average reservoir inflow during spring and early summer is 440 cubic metres per second (m3/s). In 2023, inflows averaged just 125 m3/s, or 28% of the average.

Data compiled by Drs. David Schindler and Bill Donahue for the University of Alberta include some current impacts and future predictions of climate change on our water systems. At Saskatoon, the flow of the South Saskatchewan River has dropped to 20% of flow at the beginning of the 20th century. Summer flows are very ecologically important for processes such as fish spawning and rearing and for riparian sustenance. They also provide water for human uses such as irrigation.

North and South Saskatchewan River Summer water Levels 


The Water Security Agency has minimized outflows from Lake Diefenbaker while continuing to supply nearly 60% of the province’s population who rely on drinking water from the reservoir.

“Moe wants this overblown, high-profile irrigation project for his own glory. I want reliable drinking water as our top priority,“ Naomi Hunter, SGP Leader.

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