Saskatoon’s Electric Transit Buses


On July 22nd, 2020 the City of Saskatoon announced that it was going to run a one-year test trial with an electric bus. Saskatoon leases electric bus for 1-year test drive | CBC News


The reason for this one-year lease/test was to comply with the City of Saskatoon  Low Emission Community Plan. You  can see the entire Low Emissions Community Plan at low_emissions_report-aug8_web.pdf (  To see a brief summary of the electric vehicle part of the plan follow this link Electric Vehicles |

After driving the fully electric transit bus for a complete year; it was determined that the City of Saskatoon could save 66 million dollars by having an all-electric transit bus fleet. Follow this link for more details City of Saskatoon shopping for electric buses this summer | CTV News

The latest development in the story involves an investment from the Government of Canada to help speed up the transition from diesel to electric transit buses.  to see more details of the funding please go to the Canadian government announces funding for Saskatoon electric bus fleet (

For the residents of the City of Regina fear not because Regina is also electrifying its fleet of transit buses. Transit Master Plan: Regina plans to replace diesel buses with electric vehicles by 2040 | CBC News

We are seeing repeatedly and, in many sectors, the fiscal savings by doing the right things for the environment. As we evolve to the new energy sector the savings are evident.  This is why the Saskatchewan Green Party has always endorsed speeding up of the transfer to the new energy sector.

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