New Year - New Entheusiasm - January 2023

We are starting this New Year with a new website, a new format to our newsletter The Weaver, and a growing team of aspiring MLA candidates about to seek nomination for the 2024 election. 

We are better prepared ahead of an election than ever before. Fully one-third of our constituencies are spoken for. At this point, between elections, seemed like the perfect time to improve our communications systems, and to confirm and train candidates. I’ve spoken numerous times of my “Ten Year Vision” plan I had when I became leader, and today I see much of this plan rolling out faster than the ten years I had originally accounted for.


Our new website has the ability to send out press releases, as well as this newsletter and other announcements. It has the capacity to help our candidates store data so that we will be on a more even footing with the other provincial political parties and present a polished, professional look. Here is a link to our new website  We are in need of help managing and maintaining our new website, so if you would like to volunteer please follow the link and reach out on the “volunteer” link found there.

This is the first edition of our now monthly newsletter. It will be easily readable and best of all, shareable on-line.  We invite interested members and supporters to submit articles to share with our readers, or to contribute their own research, or “Letter to the Editor” they may have written. Members are also welcome to volunteer on our newsletter committee and help with this important communication. Click HERE to be taken to our Volunteer page to sign up for this opportunity.

We are getting ready to make a series of announcements in the upcoming months regarding candidates and the constituencies in which they will run. If you live in those constituencies, these are candidates who intend to start doorknocking very soon. They will need volunteers to help them with this and other aspects of campaigning. 

Reach out to us if you are interested in volunteering to be a candidate or help with your local candidate’s campaign. Even if you don’t see what your role might be, meeting with your local candidate and having them see they are not alone can help a lot. It may even lead to a group of like-minded individuals forming a Constituency Association.  Candidates need our support, if we want to grow as a Party in Saskatchewan this is how we do it!

I am ready to announce my intention of running in Saskatoon Riversdale (after many phone calls and emails and messages from members) this is a constituency in which I now live and operate a business. Riversdale is currently held by a SaskParty MLA, Mark Friesen. The demographics line up beautifully as an area where a tireless Green campaigner can see excellent results. It is also an impoverished neighbourhood that lights my heart on fire to affect real change for the constituents as their MLA. I am asking that we focus as much volunteer effort as possible on this key campaign, and of course can use all the volunteer support I can get!

Our incredible Deputy Leader, Valerie Brooks, is ready to announce her intention of running in the constituency of Yorkton. I am incredibly proud to stand beside this outstanding woman as we launch campaigns together. Valerie was a powerhouse Federal Green candidate in the snap 2021 fall election. She then stepped up to volunteer her time on our Saskatchewan Green Party executive in thé role of Deputy Leader. Valerie Brooks is an educator in Yorkton who exemplifies dedication in that role and her belief in our 6 core Green values. She’s organized, brilliant, and a true leader!

Together, Valerie and I, along with each and every one of you, will nurture relationships with community and professional groups, call the current government to task, and continue to build our base of support in advance of the 2024 Saskatchewan Election.

As always, I look forward to hearing from all of you. Feel welcome to reach out anytime by email, [email protected], phone 1-306-561-8880, or social media, Facebook, 

Instagram, Twitter @GpcHunter, or tiktok naomihunter04


I believe in all of you and this party,

Naomi Hunter

Leader, Saskatchewan Green Party

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