Wage rollbacks and wage freezes hurt us all

The Wall government has “suggested” publicly a wage rollback of 3.5% and a wage freeze for the next four years for all public sector workers.

They have previously said they would leave it to contract negotiations as the way to implement their suggestions.

However there are concerns that the government will not stick to this promise.

It is now believed that the government wishes to introduce legislation in the last days of the current session to force the 3.5% wage rollback on all public sector workers and legislate a wage freeze at the lower rate for 4 years.

This legislation would mean no matter how high the cost of living climbs there would be no raise in pay for public employees.

The impacts are damaging in that:

  • That local jobs such as those in health centres and schools are vital to the survival of urban, and especially rural communities.
  • That rolling back wages and enforcing wage freezes will reduce tax revenues for our government to fund our local health centres and schools,
  • That a wage rollback and freeze will seriously harm workers' abilities to make ends meet.
  • That local businesses and services rely on the stability of public sector jobs to support communities. 

There is still time to act to stop this.  Please download, sign and share the petition and make your pledge to help stop the damage this will cause to not only our public employees but also to our local economy and businesses.  

The current legislative session ends on Thursday May 18, 2017 so our time is short.

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