Statement on the Official Opposition's Support for Kinder Morgan

February 5, 2018

The B.C. government's decision to block the Kinder Morgan pipeline is a necessary attempt to protect B.C.'s people, their waters, their ecosystems, their wildlife, and their fishing and tourism industries, protection from the harm of inevitable dilbit spills.

The SK NDP's recent statement of support for the pipeline is a revolting disappointment to progressive-thinking Canadians and an affront to B.C.'s provincial rights. It is as if the acting (and outgoing) NDP leader has been made to wear the suit of corporate science denier in a bid to slow our chances of mitigating climate change. By aligning themselves with the Sask Party and the Alberta government, the SK NDP has allowed themselves to be seen for what they represent.

The Saskatchewan Green Party's vision for our future does include the hard work of re-investment in clean energy and re-training for green jobs, but Saskatchewan's people have always risen to the challenge of hard work and working with change. We in the Saskatchewan Green Party know our province is capable of much more success than what the Sask Party and their NDP energy allies think, tied as they are to a dead-end-market industry that steadily diminishes our children's prospects for a healthy future. It's time to stop living in the past and build the future our province deserves.

Shawn Setyo
Saskatchewan Green Party

Sask Legislature

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