Statement on New Federal Legal Framework for Indigenous People

February 26, 2018

In the aftermath of the Stanley trial decision, a very important conversation has re-entered the national spotlight and received new attention from political parties and politicians of all stripes. This conversation includes vocal criticism directed by political leaders against institutional injustice imposed onto Canada's indigenous peoples.

The new legislation that the federal government is proposing is a sign of change and a significant step towards recognition of rights and reconciliation. There is a commitment here that government will take an active role in system change, i.e., in reversing the structured systematic marginalization of indigenous peoples.

This issue is complicated and delicate. Canada has most often chosen inaction over finding the just path. Prime Minister Trudeau has not yet put forth specific measures besides starting a consultation process. We in the Saskatchewan Green Party would advise him to respect as the highest principle the fact that the indigenous communities are sovereign nations. New legislation must not erode the nation - to - nation relationship and therefore must include a strong indigenous perspective. That relationship is what will lead on to establishing indigenous self - governance and self-determination.

Shawn Setyo
Saskatchewan Green Party

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