Shawn Setyo Statement on Government Policy to Reduce Carbon Emissions

December 12, 2017


Although the Saskatchewan Greens are pleased the government is finally addressing one of the most pressing issues of our time, we believe the policies set forth by their recent report would drastically fall short of real action.

The main shortcoming of the government proposals is the complete refusal to acknowledge the carbon budget within which the global community must stay to avoid unmanageable climate change.

In order to stay within that budget, all jurisdictions have a responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is a glaring sign of government negligence to evade setting firm emissions targets, and thus fail to plan a clear path to achieve them. Targets are absolutely essential in developing a pathway to a net zero-sum carbon society.

A serious climate plan with Saskatchewan industry in mind would seek to optimize the massive employment potential and investment possibilities in renewable energy options. This is of vital social and economic importance in our era of a greening world economy. Yet the government's report fails to reference this potential.

The Saskatchewan Green Party urges the government to think in terms of real climate targets to strive for, and to envision the real opportunities presented to our province by changing regional and world markets.

Shawn Setyo
Saskatchewan Green Party

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