Shawn Setyo on the Leadership Races in Saskatchewan

January 9, 2018


2018 will see leadership changes for both parties currently holding seats in the Legislature.  One of the 5 Saskatchewan Party candidates will become our next Premier in a few weeks.  Less than six weeks later one of the two New Democratic candidates will become Leader of the Official Opposition.

The Saskatchewan Green Party has studied the platforms of all seven candidates in these leadership contests.  As a fully engaged  political party, we are willing to work with whoever wins the other parties respective leaderships.

We find many of the proposals put forth by the candidates to be favorable, including:

Scott Moe's plan to magnify the role of international trade; Ken Cheveldayoff 's initiative to bridge urban and rural communities; Tina Beaudry-Mellor's supports for northern communities and entrepreneurs; Trent Wotherspoon's plan to stand behind healthcare's frontline workers; and Ryan Meili's pharmacare plan and steps to carry reconciliation into the future

The initiatives listed above are all great proposals and ideas. However, the Greens  are especially focussed on three issues as we review the range of policies.  We see emphasis on these issues as key to a sustainable future for our residents.

Our three issues relate to existing policy proposals of the Saskatchewan Green Party.

CARBON PRICING.  This is a must to move our province ahead.  Our dependence on fossil fuels is decreasing according to most economists and foremost researchers.  Which tool we use to establish a price on carbon is subject to debate".  But we are committed to a carbon pricing mechanism.  We look forward to a constructive dialogue with the new leaders of both parties.

BASIC INCOME.   This concept is being tested in an increasing number of the world's jurisdictions.  Our party believes Saskatchewan can move toward a system of a basic income for every resident. Evidence shows guaranteeing one’s income does not reduce a desire to improve one’s economic status.  As just and desirable as a higher minimum wage may be, it does not benefit everyone

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. We must harness our resources and our people's talents in a sustainable way instead of stealing from our children's future. We must begin facilitating rapid development of renewable energy systems and accelerating green jobs training. Educational and communications infrastructure must serve all corners of the province. Our young people's prospects must also be strengthened by investment in Saskatchewan’s burgeoning technology sector.


Shawn Setyo
Saskatchewan Green Party


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