Shawn Setyo Calls for Reform on the Oil and Gas Industry

October 7, 2017

In light of dangerous, unreported sour gas ( hydrogen sulfide ) leaks in southeast Saskatchewan, the Sask Greens find it intolerable that, on matters of public safety, the current government continues to betray the people's trust.

There is an ever-growing list of this government's negligent, questionable practices. We worry that we will continue to encounter more government failures to comply with minimum standards of public health protection. One cannot be blamed for wondering if this neglect may be all too convenient for corporate cronies and donors whose lucrative shortcuts escape legal supervision.

We question the government's role when we speak with residents of the Oxbow area. Some of them call on the government to beef up the number of oil operation inspectors. (There are 19 field inspectors for 136,000 oil wells !) Others have demanded better safety regulation enforcement, thorough safety training for all oil workers on site and compulsory safety equipment for sour gas. We emphatically support their demands, as well as their call for mandatory environmental impact assessments for all new oil development projects. Further calls, from the southeast as well as throughout Saskatchewan, to modernize our surface rights legislation -- unchanged since 1968 -- add to the unresolved public health and other issues piling up for the averted eyes and ears of a neglectful government.

Shawn Setyo
Saskatchewan Green Party Leader

Shawn Setyo