Save the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC)

Public Transportation Is Valuable

The provincial government announced in its 2017 provincial budget that it will be shutting down the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) freight service as of May 19, 2017 and passenger service as of May 31, 2017.  This decision was done without any consultation with the public despite the deep impacts that this will have on many people's lives across Saskatchewan.  A crown corporation that was founded in 1946 will cease to exist leading to isolating many who depend on its services and escalating the cost of transportation and freight to many communities in our province.  

  • STC transports freight and deliveries for small businesses, books for interlibrary loans, parts and supplies for farmers and blood for clinics.
  • STC Express Service is vital to businesses across the province.  STC allows them to meet their courier needs with same day delivery.
  • 93% of passengers and 95% of people who ship goods say they’re satisfied with STC service.
  • STC evacuates people during summer wildfires and spring floods as well as transporting volunteers assisting during such crises.
  • With the loss of STC, there will be increased costs to the government to move blood and other medical supplies, for the transportation of people with medical appointments, for emergency evacuations, among other essential services.  Saskatchewan residents will also pay more to meet their own routine transportation needs.

All of this shows how valuable STC is to our province and that many people are satisfied with the services it provides.  Please join with us to ask our government to not shut down our public transportation crown corporation, STC.  

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