Saskatchewan Falling Behind

April 3, 2018

Premier Moe's recent statement, that he is surprised at the federal government's move to impose a carbon tax on the province, should itself be a surprise to the people of Saskatchewan.

Ottawa has given all provinces ample time to sign on to the Pan - Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change.The Federal Government has guaranteed each province the opportunity to create its own climate action plan, tailored to its own economy.

Our premier is bumbling through two problems here. The first is, of course, his government's glaring lack of any serious action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But the second and most immediate is funding. He is blithely passing up considerable federal funding currently offered for infrastructure development as part of the Framework. Infrastructure means job creation and job creation means economic success.

The Saskatchewan government needs to get its head out of the clouds and take a serious look at our situation. We are being left behind while the rest of the country moves forward to the future.

Shawn Setyo
Saskatchewan Green Party

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