Oil Spill Near Stoughton

January 24, 2017

We are saddened to hear about another major pipeline leak of an estimated 200,000 liters of oil north of Stoughton on Friday. This is the second major spill in 7 months. We say estimated because the excavations have not yet begun to discover the cause of the leak or the amount of oil leaked before it was discovered.

The government was notified of the leak by Tundra Energy Marketing Ltd. on Friday. Neither the government or Tundra Energy Marketing Ltd. released any information to the public until after the media went public with information about the spill. The government’s claim that “The spill has not yet affected air quality or wildlife as of yet” seems a bit premature and almost irresponsible. How can anyone make such a claim before the cause of the leak has been determined? We sincerely hope the government is correct in the statement about the environmental impact; but we also believe that would be highly unlikely.

Shawn Setyo said “With our aging fossil fuel infrastructure we are left with two options. Either we keep forging forward on the same path and keep cleaning up messes; or we need to start transitioning to the new green energy sector. I hope we as a province choose the latter. We have been blessed with a great environment for agriculture. Long after the fossil fuel era of history we should be able to still take advantage of the agriculture opportunities available to us.”