Leader of SGP Disappointed in Premier's Decision Not to Join Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change

February 27, 2018

Saskatchewan is the only province in the country not committing to the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change, while the deadline for funding looms. At a time when the entire country is committing to tackling a major shared problem on a united front, Saskatchewan's government refuses to join in, arguing that it intends to follow its own plan. Yet the proposals for its plan avoid definite commitments and lack any meaningful targets.

The government states it wishes to defend local industries, but many involved in those industries are much more welcoming of change than the government is. They know that adaptation and interprovincial cooperation are keys to long term profitability.

The concerns of our new premier are adequately covered in the Pan- Canadian Framework, which states that "growing our economy and achieving our GHG- emissions targets will require an integrated, economy-wide approach that includes all sectors, creates jobs, and promotes innovation."

We live in a critical time, when Canada must unify and face the challenge of tackling climate change and reducing GHG- emissions. Saskatchewan should not miss out on the current opportunity to receive needed funding, while at the same time joining the rest of the country in embarking on this momentous task.

Shawn Setyo
Saskatchewan Green Party

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