Government Putting Our Future at Risk with Privatization

May 4, 2017

The Saskatchewan Green Party is deeply concerned on seeing the rapid movement toward dismantling public ownership of our province's major crown corporations. The first move by the Wall government toward this dismantling was the announcement of the coming May 31 shutdown of the Saskatchewan Transportation Company. This of course puts many Saskatchewan residents in want of affordable transportation and cross - province freight service.

Not long after this terrible blow, the government passed its Bill 40, allowing it to privatize up to 49% of a crown corporation without prior public approval.  Now it has been revealed that Dustin Duncan, the minister responsible for Sasktel, has been working on a possible deal to let minority shareholders buy part of Sasktel. In addition, Premier Wall announced on May 3 that the minister for Saskatchewan Government Insurance has been in meetings for its partial sale. Within a span of only 2 months we are seeing 3 major crowns going through the process of being taken apart. 

Saskatchewan Green Party leader Shawn Setyo is critical of the government actions "We are experiencing a dismantling of critical public assets and institutions in Saskatchewan. The current government is going against the spirit of what makes Saskatchewan great, which is the ability of its government to provide adequate and reliable services to all of its citizens." Crown corporations provide these services to our province that are now at risk under the Wall government.

Our crowns were created to provide affordable service for all and to defeat the difficulties in serving rural residents. The money they generate goes back into the province, and they are the source of good jobs for many Saskatchewan people. There is so much to lose when we let our crowns slip away. We urge the government to stop its ill - conceived maneuvers to bring on privatization. Bill 40 should be repealed. If we want a strong, prosperous Saskatchewan we need to retain and fortify our crown corporations, not abandon them.