Everything Is On The Table

December 30, 2016

The Saskatchewan Green Party wants to know why "everything is on the table" when it comes to public service cuts to solve the deficit situation, yet no mention of other possible solutions is made by our premier. Premier Wall's emphasis is an almost single minded concentration on cuts to the public service. From hinting at wage rollbacks and job cuts for public employees to a redefinition of privatization for a possible sell off of a large part of Sasktel, we're seeing thisĀ same narrow focus. Education and health care also have been targeted for cutbacks. "We would like to see the premier truly put all options on the table for tackling our deficit, with a move away from undercutting the livelihoods of the hard working people of our province, selling off our Crowns or cutting valuable public services", says Deputy Leader Larry Neufeld. There are other solutions.

We ask the government to turn its attention toward generating new revenue and making corporations pay their fair share of taxes. Under the previous NDP government, corporate tax rates were cut. This trend was never reversed but instead expanded under the current government. This has led to the need to pull money from other areas to offset heavy, barely affordable tax cuts for corporations. This trend needs to be reversed. New revenue could also be generated by going beyond lip service to diversify our economy, using more renewables and energy efficiency services. Saskatchewan citizens deserve the wise, balanced approach this implies, for new jobs and better opportunities to improve their lives. We call on our premier to take a look at constructive solutions to solve our deficit problem and move his focus away from imposing austerity on our public sector.