Education Is Our Future

May 14, 2017

The Saskatchewan Green Party is all about sustainability and higher education is the basis of a sustainable economy. The only way for our economy to be viable in the long run is to ensure that young people are prepared for the careers of tomorrow. It is the most important investment anyone can make.

If government were to provide nothing else to its citizens, it would be to ensure that we have an employed labour force for the future. Young people must be prepared to address the economic, social and environmental problems of tomorrow, using the technology of tomorrow.  Intead, the Wall government has recently cut the budgets of our three post-secondary institutions.

This is short sighted. Apparently they prefer to offer tax cuts to large corporations and the rich. They prefer to build roads-to-nowhere and hold fire sales for our high tech companies. This might help mask the true magnitude of their fiscal deficit, but it does nothing to hide their intellectual deficit. They have no foresight.  To address the government’s fiscal problems, we don’t need stop-gap panic-driven solutions. We don’t need an undereducated working class. We don’t need a cheap labour force.  We need to develop an educated, self-sufficient, high-wage middle-class.

This means greater prosperity, higher tax revenue (at lower per capita rates) and lower government costs for social services, justice and health care. This is sustainable.  True prosperity does not come from a wasteful nineteenth century reliance on a boom and bust resource-based economy. The Klondike gold rush is over. So is the rush for fossil fuels.

The economy of today and tomorrow is a post-consumer, post-industrial, sustainable, green, knowledge-based economy. It’s the best investment a society can make.