Batoche - Hamish Graham

Hamish Graham SGP Candidate for Batoche

Our Saskatchewan Green Party candidate for Batoche is Hamish Graham. Hamish was our SGP candidate in 2020 for the same constituency, where he lives. Hamish also ran federally for the Green Party of Canada in the 2021 election. This is a candidate with a lifelong interest in science and learning. He gives thoughtful, strong answers to questions during political debates and interviews.

Hamish owns a haskap orchard on the outskirts of Birch Hills.  He was the former president of Haskap Canada and volunteered extensively to get the word out about this locally grown fruit, developed here at the U of S Fruit Program, through Doctor Bob Bohrs.

Hamish and his wife Jayne are on the board of Ness Core Ventures. They have both been dedicated to nurturing the Ness Creek Music Festival site and its many community initiatives. Ness Creek has been foundational for many new Saskatchewan musicians, to get heard and perform to large audiences. This wonderful project and its volunteers, like Hamish Graham, deserve recognition for the important work they do in our province.

Hamish is also our leader Naomi Hunter’s father. They run harvest together every year. You can follow their farming updates this June and July (Haskap is an early harvesting fruit) on social media.

To volunteer on Hamish’s campaign please email [email protected]

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