Announcement of Saskatchewan Green Party Candidates in March 1st By-elections

February 8, 2018  

The Saskatchewan Green Party has chosen its candidates that will be running in the upcoming by-elections for March 1st in Saskatchewan.

Shawn Setyo, leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party, will be running as the candidate in Melfort.

Shawn Setyo came to the Saskatchewan Green Party six years ago because he believed strongly that the Greens were the most forward thinking party in the province. Shawn has gone on to become the leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party in October of 2016, taking over the reins of the party from former leader Victor Lau. Shawn is a University of Saskatchewan graduate and has worked in Saskatoon for a tech and software company in the city. Son of immigrant parents, Shawn has seen the value of inclusivity and multiculturalism in making Saskatchewan stronger through its diversity of different peoples and cultures. Shawn believes strongly in creating and developing a strong sustainable energy sector for our province with a focus on renewable technology to help create new jobs for Saskatchewan.

Yvonne Potter Pihach will be running as the candidate in Kindersley.

Yvonne works in the agricultural sector as an agricultural inspector, which enables her to travel across the province. She is also a passionate advocate for greater access to midwifery services in Saskatchewan, is a Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) Sighted Guide Volunteer, and is the Executive Secretary of the Saskatchewan Green Party.

Maria Lewans will be running as the candidate in Swift Current.

Maria grew up on a mixed farm north of Shaunavon, where she learned the value of hard work. She participated in various sports activities at high school and served as SRC president. She studied kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan and completed a plumbing course at SIAST. She moved to Swift Current in 2006 where she has worked at two local construction companies before starting a career in plumbing. For the past few years she has been running her own plumbing business in the city.

Recent statements by both Premier Moe and Opposition Leader Sarauer show voters in Saskatchewan the need for a real alternative to the two ‘old’ line parties.  We encourage voters in the March 1 by-elections to support an alternative positive position for the people of Saskatchewan.

For more information on our by-election campaigns please contact or call (306) 881-4174.


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